Daifuku of the Gods

From time to time I feel like a Japan-living fraud. I don’t speak the language well, I don’t visit shrines and temples, and I’ve never felt any desire to wear a kimono. I do love things like ramen and even the convenience store bento (lunches) are usually really good.

That said, I don’t like a lot of the traditional flavours used to prepare foods. One of the areas where that shows the most is in the traditional stuffed mochi sweet, daifuku.

While I really love mochi, most daifuku is filled with anko, or red bean, which I simply never developed a taste for. I’ll eat daifuku if it’s in front of me, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it for myself.

Until now. At my subway transfer station there is sometimes a pop up shop selling Iroha daifuku, a brand that originates in Shiga Prefecture. In addition to traditional flavours they have things like chocolate, mikan (mandarin orange), muscat, strawberry milk, and soda. I fell in love with their product the last time the shop appeared, and today it was back for one week only.

I want to say I got them to share. I’d really like to be able to say that.

Check out their shop. They’re also on Instagram if that’s your poison, @ iroha.daifukuuu.

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