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I don't actually listen to music a lot when I write, and when I'm out taking pictures it's more for background noise. I do like putting together playlists though. I just did a new one for Mayfly, because my mental state hasn't been conducive to writing lately and I wanted to be productive. When it… Continue reading Playlists


Fashion Week

I think this was taken at Tokyo Fashion Week years ago. Omotesando is an upscale corner of Tokyo between Harajuku and Shibuya. The backstreets there are full of little boutiques, ranging from teen subculture to the biggest names in global fashion. You can walk past a fetish corset designer and into a Dior shop.

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WIP ~Mayfly~ 3

Marianne's alarm clicked a second or so before the music started. Her hand slammed down, cutting off Madonna’s mournful crooning. Quiet was restored. She heard the wind and the birds. Quiet enough to hear a truck passing on the road. Quiet enough to hear the wash of an airplane. When she held her breath she… Continue reading WIP ~Mayfly~ 3