The Dangers of Spring Cleaning

I got a little carried away, I admit. My music box didn’t seem to play anymore, and the case was looking rough, so I threw it in the garbage bag and took it up to the garbage room.

When I tossed it in the bin I heard the music again. Into the bag I dove, thinking I could rescue it. The original case was beyond saving, so I tore it apart and retrieved the mechanism.

Something seems a bit off-kilter with the little screw-type on off switch. It seems delicate under there, so I didn’t want it just banging around in a drawer.

I emptied out an old Punch Studios paper box, cut up a notebook and tried to tuck it safely into place until I can think of something better. Or learn woodworking.

Since it’s a little loose it doesn’t play perfect, but at least I can listen to it again.

Vision of Escaflowne was one of my favourite anime ever. I love Yoko Kanno’s music, and I’m so glad I still have this.

Today’s project brought to you by the letter P. P, for all your procrastination needs.

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