The Ups and the Downs

Staying close to home isn’t exactly a hardship. I do hope things restock soon, though.

Today it snowed. Just a bit, but it’s a little odd in March in Tokyo. I don’t begrudge it; it will be miserably hot soon enough.

Look! It’s snow!

None of it stuck, but that’s not the point.

Before our self-imposed hibernation I did get to feast on a lamb burger and cherry coke. No lies, I forgot how good cherry coke was.

My co-errand-runner had a drink called hot buttered pineapple.

Do you like pie? Because it was like drinking pie. Perfect for a cold, rainy day.

It’s called The Great Burger Stand and it’s in Shibuya and I recommend it if you’re in the area.

This editing is endless and strangely it isn’t doing itself, no matter how hard I stare at it. Motivation has, if I’m being entirely honest, been a bit of a problem, lately.


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