Chinese parasols with butterflies, birds, and plum blossoms

Lazy Sunday Update

Her hands cupped Marianne’s face. She couldn’t drag her gaze away from those strange, dark eyes.
Her skin is really that smooth.
Marianne fought for breath. The touch shouldn’t feel as nice as it did.
“I’m not…”
“Not what?” Her voice spread like warm honey.
Marianne blinked, eyes heavy. Ash brushed back a lock of Marianne’s hair. All Marianne could hear was her own thundering heart.
Lips brushed her neck, cool and soft.


It’s a cold and rainy day, for Tokyo, anyway. What is it about the January/February corridor that ends up being so bleak? I sure don’t miss summer weather, but the gloom is extra gloomy lately, and not in the good way.

Of course, waiting for news is always hard.

In happier news, the cover art for Mayfly is almost done. I’ve never seen my characters brought even slightly to life before. It’s very exciting!

I’m not used to this new wordpress formatting business. I become a grump when things change, especially when I was nicely comfortable with the perfectly functional system already in place. <_< >_> Where did my sidebars go? Blocks? What the heck? Back in my day…

Anyway, please enjoy this picture of Chinese parasols, from back when we still had things like culture festivals and socializing without masks. And socializing at all.

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