Human backs are dumb

The porch roof sparkled. She climbed out. Her boots—second hand and their treads worn—skidded on the glass. Before she could catch her balance momentum took her over the edge. She landed hard, vision greying out briefly.

The grass was moving.


We should have evolved to be jelly blobs, not things with unnecessarily complex spines. Mine is being cranky, and not just in its usual way. -_-

Maybe that’s why I have two very tough main characters. Ananuenya in Between the Stars and the Sea and Marianne in Mayfly. They won’t have to pay for their reckless behaviour for years!

In other, semi-related news, I wish I had a smaller, lighter camera. I like my phone, but I miss going out on picture-taking adventures. Mine is unfortunately heavy and when you carry all your stuff everywhere, you start paring down what you have.

Winter Illumination

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