Street Photography

I realized tonight that it has been literal years since I posted any photography to that tumblr, or even pulled out my camera.

Oh the reasons! Which are reasons, for once, and not excuses.

DSLRs are big and heavy. It’s Tokyo, so everywhere I go it’s train and on foot. I go to work in the rush hour. Sometimes I don’t even want to carry a lunch.

I started to stay home more in order to save money. This has worked, but at the cost of my nightly rambles from one station to another.

I started running. This requires coming home and eating and then going out to run.

I miss it, though. This year has been wildly uneven so far, but I was starting to look at mirrorless cameras, as they’re smaller and lighter. But now my phone and ipad are started to act up, so it may be put off again. Sigh.


I miss you, photography. 😦


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