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WIP Part 8 ~~hide~~

When she wasn’t at the hotel, Ed sent a message. She went to the education centre, wondering if she’d misunderstood, and waited under the shelter of a tree. Soon she was hugging herself and stamping her feet, cursing stupid fashion choices. The least it could do is distract her from the lump of misgivings forming.… Continue reading WIP Part 8 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 7 ~~hide~~

She whispered another goodbye when she waved. She was home. It was her own home, but she wanted so much to be going away with Ed. It has been such a strange feeling, drifting to sleep beside her. It had been so nice. “Who are you speaking to?” “Just a friend.” “From baking class.” “Yes.”… Continue reading WIP Part 7 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 6 ~~hide~~

“Hey, Auggie, can I borrow some money?” “What? Why?” “Date.” “If you want to splurge to impress a girl, use your own money. Or better yet, make mom and dad happy and bring her here.” “We can’t do what we want to do here.” “Ah. Say no more.” “I get paid soon. I’ll pay you… Continue reading WIP Part 6 ~~hide~~