Mayfly is out!

I’m so happy to have finally published Mayfly! It’s available through Kindle and Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.

Check It Out Here at Amazon!

Cut adrift from her dream of escaping her backwater town, Marianne is drawn to a mysterious stranger named Ewan. He promises eternal life, full of magic and wonder. All he needs her to do is open a door to his world. One simple act, and whenever has to worry about anything again.
Too good to be true? Oh, yes.
Marianne joins forces with a helpful and charming vampire named Ash to hunt the monsters she unwittingly unleashed. As they grow closer, Ash shows Marianne a bigger world than she imagined, and Marianne convinces Ash to fulfil a quest two hundred years in the making: ending Ewan’s threat for good.

Small town. Late 90s. That age at the end of adolescence when it’s suddenly time to grow up. But with monsters. 🙂

Listen to the audio at Patreon

You can listen to the music that inspired the time period on my YouTube playlist!

Pennywise says: check it out!

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