Castle Rock

There aren’t many shows I want to go back almost immediately to rewatch. Things like Brooklyn 99 are easy to put on and half-listen to after I’ve seen them. Castle Rock takes commitment. It crept up on me like no one’s business, and when I reached the end it was like surfacing from a dream. Not a pleasant dream, maybe. But a dream, nonetheless. I can’t think of a higher compliment to give than “I was wholly invested, and didn’t want to leave.”

Thankfully it isn’t over yet, but it feels a little like what I’d hoped the new Twin Peaks would be. It reminded me of how I felt watching the first seasons of that, with the same note-perfect, eerie atmosphere, the same dark mystery, and the same feeling of pervasive wrongness.

Plus, all of the Easter eggs for true King fans. I’ve read a fair number of his books, but I’m a bit of a fair weather fan. Even I get a little thrill ever time I recognize a name, a place, or an event.

I love it so.

This guy


deserves better.

This guy


is becoming my new favorite actor. But given the roles I’ve seen him in, I’d probably run away if I saw him coming down the street.

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