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WIP Part 13 ~~hide~~

White and dark and white and dark. The dark was nothing. The white- She smelled something, there, warm and old like gold. Layer after layer, white after white. It thickened. It became. It creaked. It was...something. It was something. It was important. It moved, and it was a sound. It was a feeling that was… Continue reading WIP Part 13 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 12 ~~hide~~

They waited until night. Suzie made cautious forays to get food while Auggie watched a game, falling into habit even in the strange situation. Ed slept uneasily, hugging her bag with the tablet in it, partly to keep it safe, not quite trusting Suzie’s sudden change to ally, and partly because it was all the… Continue reading WIP Part 12 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 10 ~~hide~~

Everyone was asleep by the time she got back. Ed climbed the stairs in the dark and sat on her bed. The tablet rested silently on her lap. She pressed her hands on its case, feeling it warm. Over and over she remembered Em’s bare feet scrabbling through the snow. Where was she? Who was… Continue reading WIP Part 10 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 11 ~~hide~~

Emma couldn't see. She felt herself moving. She felt food in her mouth, being chewed and swallowed. It was so distant that there was no flavour. cherry ice cream The flavour burst like light across her mind, and faded. Time appeared and was gone, and appeared again. There was something in her hand. Cold and… Continue reading WIP Part 11 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 9 ~~hide~~

There was a picture on the wall of mountains and a lake. Emma stared at it until the lines in the brushstrokes blurred. It was a picture of a picture. No one had painted that. Not that version. Somewhere there must have been a real one that she could touch. It would have little whorls… Continue reading WIP Part 9 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 8 ~~hide~~

When she wasn’t at the hotel, Ed sent a message. She went to the education centre, wondering if she’d misunderstood, and waited under the shelter of a tree. Soon she was hugging herself and stamping her feet, cursing stupid fashion choices. The least it could do is distract her from the lump of misgivings forming.… Continue reading WIP Part 8 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 7 ~~hide~~

She whispered another goodbye when she waved. She was home. It was her own home, but she wanted so much to be going away with Ed. It has been such a strange feeling, drifting to sleep beside her. It had been so nice. “Who are you speaking to?” “Just a friend.” “From baking class.” “Yes.”… Continue reading WIP Part 7 ~~hide~~