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WIP Part 7 ~~hide~~

She whispered another goodbye when she waved. She was home. It was her own home, but she wanted so much to be going away with Ed. It has been such a strange feeling, drifting to sleep beside her. It had been so nice. “Who are you speaking to?” “Just a friend.” “From baking class.” “Yes.”… Continue reading WIP Part 7 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 6 ~~hide~~

“Hey, Auggie, can I borrow some money?” “What? Why?” “Date.” “If you want to splurge to impress a girl, use your own money. Or better yet, make mom and dad happy and bring her here.” “We can’t do what we want to do here.” “Ah. Say no more.” “I get paid soon. I’ll pay you… Continue reading WIP Part 6 ~~hide~~

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WIP Part 5

Emma smiled down at her tablet. The three medals combined with a dramatic swooshing graphic into a coupon. It was for men’s shoes, but that wasn’t important. She looked around the street. She had never been down it before. The tablet always showed her a map with the fastest, safest, easiest way to go where… Continue reading WIP Part 5

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WIP Part 4

  Ed was humming to herself as she rode home, weaving quickly though the traffic. The promenade was in a fancier part of the city, so she had plenty of time for it. Not that her neighbourhood was bad, just old, made up of families that had been there for a few generations. Nosy and… Continue reading WIP Part 4

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WIP Part 3

“I know it’s a little late.” “The Community Education Centre closed two hours ago.” She remembered how long those people had stood outside the pub. Dismissal, the walk to the monorail station, the ride, the walk home. Was an hour realistic? At least an hour. “My classmates were talking. Everyone had fun stories. Even just… Continue reading WIP Part 3

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WIP Part 2

The instructions said to bring a kerchief for hair and an apron. At the shop she found a wide variety. The colours, patterns, and features were overwhelming. Finally she chose a set that had the cartoon character on it that she had chosen for her application skin. She tied the apron in place and went… Continue reading WIP Part 2

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WIP Part 1

So, when I take a break from writing the big story, I tinker with a little story. This is the first part of that story. It's the near future. Emma stood under a lamp post. Across the street a pub had disgorged a boisterous group of men and women, laughing together. Music, voices, and the… Continue reading WIP Part 1