Nightmarish Nightmares

A post wherein I battle writer’s block and witter on about progress.

I feel the writer’s block is beginning to unfreeze. I hope, at least, especially since Sirens is perilously close to being finished but season, that is book, three is perilously close to not being written. For what began as a palette cleanser between writing high fantasy, the urban horror has come to dominate the lion’s share of my time.

I still have to fix early chapters of Mayfly, as the recording is very rough. After that I intend to produce it for Audible. I’ve also started recording the prequel fantasy novella, Summer Birds. I’m hindered by the fact that Tokyo has decided planes can fly very low over my part of the city, necessitating recording late at night. I’ve also developed a penchant for falling asleep while editing audio files. And this is a one-woman show, as anyone who listens can tell by the limited vocal range. Sorry, dude characters, you all sound like a lady.

The ongoing twitterpocalypse, however it turns out, has turned my thoughts toward consolidating my three (!) tumblrs into one. Social media is a full time job when you start counting up all of the outlets, and I already have two or three of those, mostly unpaid. Tiktok, Instagram, tumblr and here, and I can’t keep up.

Writer’s block, in conjunction with my raging case of ADHD has continued to produce art of varying quality. So there’s that. I’m going to try to hold on to my day job.

Keeping busy is, I suppose, a way to deal with a broken heart.

A reminder that Chapter 17 of Sirens is up at my Anchor podcast site, and the next chapter should be ready to go early next week, low-flying planes allowing.

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