Yokohama Christmas Market

This was my second year to go to the Yokohama Christmas Market, held outside the historic Red Brick Warehouse near Minato Mirai. It was definitely warmer this year, with the sun shining and the wind, while still strong, not quite as bitter as last year.

One can enjoy both the traditional Santa…

and the sexier, churro-selling variety…

Lindt is always a strong presence at Christmas markets. Unfortunately their limited edition mugs were sold out.

And of course, there was festive food and drink. The cheesy mashed potatoes may not look good, but they tasted lovely.

The plan to return to Tokyo early and do some errands was stymied by a two hour train delay, as crews worked to fix a hole that had appeared under the tracks. It’s such a rare event for Japanese trains to be late that I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been inconvenienced. By then it was a little cold, but I finally got home, no harm, no foul.

All in all, a lovely time, and highly recommended.

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