Marunouchi/Harry Potter Christmas Collaboration Festival

Well, as it says, yesterday I headed out to Marunouchi to enjoy the Christmas light displays. The Wizarding World and the ward teamed up with several stores and restaurants to put together a collaboration event.

It started on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station, which is the part of the station that has preserved some of its original architecture. Though the buildings around it seem like intimidating office buildings there are actually a large number of upscale stores just across the street.

First stop was lunch. Along with a very delicious stew, I could finally try a scotch egg, whose presentation was very dramatic. It was also delicious, and I think my favorite form of egg to date.

Scotch egg in a smoky dome.
The scotch egg.
It’s even in a little nest!

After that was the Forbidden Forest chocolate cake.

The Le Creuset is no accident. There’s a very pricy Harry Potter collaboration with the brand.

From there it was down to visit the tree and Mahou Dokoro gift shop.

Some of the Mahou Dokoro offerings.

The gift shop included some very beautiful items from MinaLima.

The displays and collaborations were spread out all over the area. The weather was absolutely beautiful and mild. As I walked I could enjoy some of the autumn sights in Tokyo, such as the Ginko trees and the always impressive construction growing in Tokyo.

The next stop was a cozy cafe selling house colour themed pastries.

I didn’t manage to see everything, but I really did want to see the Fantastic Beasts display.

Before I left I stopped in at Tully’s, a coffee chain, who was participating in the collaboration. It was the Harry Potter treacle latte for me. It was delicious.

At a leisurely pace I couldn’t see everything, plus the getting lost time, but it was a lovely day to spend wandering a nice area of Tokyo. By evening there were loads of people out enjoying the lights along the street, and a wedding dress/suit photo shoot going on, with many, many poor models shivering in sleeveless gowns.

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