Taiwan Festival!

It was rainy and hot but by god they promised fresh pineapple juice, so off we went. It was outside and in fact the rain was a good thing since it meant there weren’t many people. It was held at the base of Tokyo Tower. I haven’t been there in a dog’s age.

They weren’t lying about the pineapple juice. Absolutely delicious, with big chunks of pineapple in them. Of course the deliciousness wasn’t limited to drinks. The grilled dumplings and beef noodle soup were heavenly.

In the centre of the area were two postboxes that were driving me a little nuts.

You can see why.

It turns out that they’re replicas of two postboxes in Taiwan that stood fast against a typhoon in 2015. They became a landmark of Taiwan, as people travelled to take pictures with them, as sign of resilience in the face of adversity.

Now I’m full of good food and out of the weather, and thankful for the pleasant time. 😆

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