Mixed luck on the gacha machines today. I decided to walk from Akihabara to Ueno. It’s a really nice walk, especially on a fine day, and it takes you through the Okachimachi market.

I was innocently walking along through Akiba station and…

A massive wall of gacha machines! There were even more downstairs when I finally escaped this one. And the thing is, it isn’t even spare change. They have a convenient coin machine right there!

What a haul! What a haul!

The Pennywise guys are for me. But I now have doubles of both. ^^;;; The Marvel group are for a friend. I ran out of money before I could try for Widow. 😦 Surprisingly the most exciting to me are the deer. Apparently there are four: one for each season. I got autumn and winter.

How is that not amazing design for a cheap gacha toy?

Delicate, fragile, grim, and gorgeous. I desperately want to use this as inspiration for something.

So that was my Saturday. Plus some earrings and hair clips that I truly don’t need except they’re only ¥300 and it cheered me up. Don’t judge me!

By the way, today’s background YouTuber is That Movie Chick.


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