Mayfly Chapter One

A little gritty, the end of the ’90s. Full of frightening optimism and fear, just like that time at the end of high school, when the future is uncertain. Everything is telling you to be happy and positive, but in the back of your mind is the voice whispering “what if you fail?”

I’m so excited for this one! It’s something new for me, and it was so much fun to build a world in our world. I’ve been told that the ’90s are officially historical fiction, so I can even add that genre!

Chapter one contains mature themes. So will later chapters. It’s urban fantasy, it’s paranormal, and it drifts into some horror. And it’s about love.

The quiet thickened. A mist spread out from the trees. It was like the icy cold mist that came in winter, and made water droplets form on her lashes. She blinked and rubbed her eyes, but everything stayed blurry. When she shifted her weight the creak of the truck sounded too sharp and loud.
I should go back.
She didn’t want to see Charlene and her friends or listen to music that she was beginning to fear was as shitty as her mom said it was. She wanted to stay here, waiting.
“What a gentleman that one is.”
The lady from the gas station was standing at the edge of the trees. Marianne blinked rapidly; it was her and not her at the same time. Like when she got really drunk and straight edges didn’t line up. Her stomach twisted. She wasn’t that drunk. There was something wrong.
There was something wrong.
“How did y…Did you follow us?”
“I was invited.”

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