Tokyo Christmas Market

One of the best Christmas markets in Japan, today was my first visit to Hibiya for the Tokyo Christmas Market. The line was long, and while it went fast, in these times it felt too crowded to me. I’m not used to so many people anymore.

I ate far too much, trying schnitzel, stollen, pretzels, and apple cinnamon scones, not to mention strawberry rum hot chocolate and rum chai.

In order to get hot drinks, you buy a cute little memorial mug and reuse it at different booths.

The Lindt chocolate booth line was 75 minutes long. About 70 minutes longer than I wanted to stand in line. But I did get a picture of their Christmas tree display.

Finally, I bought a little glass angel bell. 😍

Probably the last time I’ll go out for the holidays, since Tokyo is raising its alert level, and also I’m looking forward to resting and writing. But it was a nice night out.

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