The Breath Before Falling

Book 4 of Between the Stars and the Sea.

It’s so amazing to have had the privilege to write this story so far. As much as it nears its end, I still love the characters, and being inside their heads.

Book 4 brings Ananuenya and her loyal riders to the capital city of Yrinas, where she faces off against imperial loyalists who would rather negotiate a surrender from a position of strength than continue to fight, and win the freedom that she has always fought for.

Even her most stalwart allies begin to erode her independence. In Yrinas, everything is negotiable, and Ananuenya never was good at compromise. At the same time she finds herself on fragile ground, as rumours of the fourth doom and her potential role in it begin to circulate, thanks to the Inspiri priesthood.

Not that it’s all bad; she is reunited with Perin, the Duke of Mycia’s daughter, with whom she shared a few quiet moments in the rain. But even the spark between them brings its own dangers.

Meanwhile, Korva has made a temporary home for herself in the notorious district of Yrinas called the Reds. Only there for a little look around, she soon finds herself embroiled in a civilian uprising that will have long term implications not just for the poor of the city, but the future of Rahal itself.

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