Warrior Nun

This show should have been awesome. It was very awesome in parts. A few problems:

  1. Every time it momentum was building the plot would puncture the pace like a balloon. Usually it was caused by Ava’s constant-to-the-point-of-stupidity running away.
    Ava is farcically inconsistent. It’s like the writers wanted her to have the vulnerability of the born sexy yesterday trope, but didn’t know how to bring out the badass in her. She’s hyper-knowledgeable, confident, streetwise, and incredibly in shape despite having been a quadriplegic, in a charity orphanage. If they’d stuck to the born sexy yesterday trope her perpetual running away might have made sense. As it was, she seemed to be a totally competent, resourceful, intelligent, fit person who just fucked off whenever she wanted. I didn’t feel that she was fazed by what she’s witnessing, or even that scared (although I think that’s what they were going for). She just seems selfish, when the sympathetic nuns are working their asses off. Yet when she decides to be a team player I guess that all is a-okay? All right then.
  2. Speaking of nuns, every other character is more interesting. Not just Mary, who’s intimidatingly cool, but all of them. I want a show that’s just about them. Their personalities and backstories are only showing in glimpses, but are a million times more interesting than following Ava’s character…canyons. The opening scene grabbed me, but I wanted to see more of the nuns being badass.
  3. The demons are supposed to be a deadly threat, but they show up so randomly, and barely seem to act as antagonists. How a show can squander actual demons as antagonists, I don’t know. Instead they focus on the utterly boring church politics.

I really want to like this show. There are so many great points about it, but damn, Ava is just so irritating that I want her character to die.

I hope for season two. Netflix is bad with my shows, though. -_-

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