Rainy Days and Angels

As much as I want everyone to be okay, and for some kind of normal to return, the animal part of my brain always wants to burrow in on rainy days.

It’s a good day to do a last pass on a vampire novel.

I lost internet for a few days, and I realize that a good part of my sanity is being able to hear other voices, and moving things. Music was good, but YouTube is better. So I thought I’d make a list of my favourite producers. Essayists, analysis, and reviews are my bag. I need to expand my list though, since they can’t keep up.

Oh, and the Angels. I love the hell out of 2019’s remake of Charlie’s Angels, and I’m so sad that it didn’t do better. It’s so much fun, and the cast had the opportunity for action and comedy. Watch it for fun, fluff, and sisterhood.


Kristen Stewart deserves more credit.

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