Norwegian Pancakes

All right so I’m not much of a cook, but I sort of fell in love with my attempt at pannekaken. I’m not going to wade into the pannekaken/crepe debate, except to say that I’m just not really a fan of crepes. They are (were? Dessert fads come and go the same way all fads do) everywhere in Japan and I’ve never cared much for them.

Maybe it’s the cardamom? I’m sadly without lingonberry, but everything tastes lovely when the base is so good. Since I’m work-from-home there’s really no reason not to make them more often.

Okay well that doesn’t look like much. But they’re good! Really!

My neighbours have been home, and using their patios, even. Cooking smells float over, and I can even hear voices sometimes through the open doors. I’ve lived here for years and only seen a handful of other people. I wasn’t even sure the next apartment was occupied.

More work ahead. You have to ride the motivation wave while it’s there.


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