At last!

It’s HERE!  My new book in the fantasy series Between the Stars and the Sea.





Ananuenya’s plans have fallen apart. With her name and her army stripped from her, she has been sent into exile.
In the south, the Fedic Zindali have been taken into slavery.
In the west, the Widows have been decimated.
In the north, Shev has succeeded in raising some of his Dorshan kinsmen to fight. He’s found a home, a family, and a wife who he is coming to love. Now, he has to convince them to join in the greater battle for Rahal that lies outside their borders.
And something dark, something ancient, is emerging from the sea.
Ananuenya sets out to learn who it was who plotted against her. It’s a journey that will take her to the Living Heart, and introduce her to a much larger world than she ever thought existed. She will have to decide if her cause is worth exploiting the darkness inside her. Will she have the courage to wield magic, and win back her army in time to defeat the imperial forces gathering to crush her rebellion forever?

Available for Kindle here.

In the meantime, from March 28 until April 1, 2020, the prequel novelette, and Red Dogs: Book 1 and Broken Shore: Book 2 will be on free to read. Unless I made a silly mistake.



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