New Book!

It’s been far longer than I planned, but at last Broken Shore: Between the Stars and the Sea Book 2 is available at Amazon for Kindle.


Ananuenya has become the heart of a rebellion.

Determined to rid her people of the empire that still holds them in its grasp, she seeks support among northerners, sending her emissaries to raise the long-dormant fighting spirit of her countrymen.

But her cause is not without challenge.

Her father has come, seeking to curtail her ambitions.

In the west there are rumours of monsters stirred awake by the smell of conflict.

Her dreams are stalked by old magic, long forbidden to her people.

As Ananuenya and her allies set out for another summer of blood they will face men, monsters, and magic, and doom follows after.

Read excerpts from the prequel, Summer Birds, and Book 1, Red Dogs HERE.

Buy Book 2, Broken Shore for Kindle on Amazon HERE.

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