New Book

I have a new book up on Kindle. If you like fantasy, please check it out. 🙂


Summer Birds

Torn from her mother’s arms as a child, Kavi has spent most of her life in slavery to the brutal Milecian empire. A twist of fate takes her to the southlander city of Vayi, famous for its warriors and their skill in battle. There an act of bravery brings her into the protection of the young heir to the city, Ananuenya. Free of the collar, for the first time Kavi can choose her own path in the world. Her god demands that she return to her faith, and walk a path of peace. Her honour guides her had to the shield and sword. As she struggles with her conscience, her choice will have consequences not only for herself, but for Vayi and the entire country of Rahal.

The seed of revolution is here, in the prequel to Book One of the story of Rahal, Red Dogs: Between the Stars and the Sea.

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