fiction, Writing

WIP Part 11 ~~hide~~


Emma couldn’t see.

She felt herself moving.

She felt food in her mouth, being chewed and swallowed. It was so distant that there was no flavour.

cherry ice cream

The flavour burst like light across her mind, and faded.

Time appeared and was gone, and appeared again.

There was something in her hand. Cold and hard.

sun in her hand

Warmth spread up her arm. In its wake she felt.

Cool air, rough cloth, smooth floor under her feet.

Something moved on her face, hot like tears. The warmth vanished. The space that her self occupied began to squeeze smaller. Desperately she searched for something to fight off her own vanishing.

no. No sleep. Ed. I want to see Ed. I want to go home.


Silver strung around her mind, wrapping tight.

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