Lunch specials give me life.

Beef is expensive in Japan. Most of it is imported from Australia. (Pork often seems to come from Canada? That may only be my supermarket, though.) Yakiniku (“roast meat”) is one of the best way to enjoy it at a restaurant. There are some all-you-can-eat places. Yesterday I went to a set menu place.

They provide a small variety of cuts of meat, fire up the grill set in the table, and let you have at it. Set lunches often come with sides like rice, salad, soup, and sometimes dessert.

It doesn’t look like much but it was perfectly filling. for those with larger appetites the salad and rice were all-you-can-eat.

I understand that the watermelon was special from Hokkaido. It was tasty, and a good way to end the meal.


Kintan Yakiniku (J/E)


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