Pictures of sunny days help make the rainy season slightly less gloomy.

I can’t decide if editing is more enjoyable than laying down the words for the first time. The first draft, provided I’m not wrestling with writer’s block, feels like perfection. It’s a direct line from brain to fingers, and it’s incredibly satisfying to finish, and see something new.

Inevitable I read it and realize how far from perfection it is. Impossibly far. But editing gets it closer. All of the pieces are there, and they just need to be shaped and put together the proper way.

Then you read the version that you put out there in the wild, the one that you showed to actual people, and see everything that seems a flaw, and the toe-curling embarrassment sets in. :p

My book and I are live on Goodreads! Look us up! So many great books, so little time.

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